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A little about me...

Having grown up in a small town in central Massachusetts, where everyone knows everyone, I was always itching to get out into the world to meet different people and be introduced to new and exciting things.  Always the creative, my favorite places to be were tapping away in the dance studio, working on sets for high school plays, or performing in local theatre productions.

Fast forward to today and I am in the most amazing career!  Not only do I  get to meet new people and travel to different places all of the time, but I get to let my creative juices flow and spread happiness to others while I do it.

When I'm not at work I'm often on the go being super Auntie, going on adventures with my friends, and running races through Disney World.  I'm also a huge animal lover and movie buff.  Anywhere in nature is my "happy place",  since I love hiking and kayaking and admit to enjoy being a beach bum!

Whether you are visiting me in the salon to freshen up or get a fabulous new style, or I am visiting you on location for your special day,  my goal matches yours!  

I invite you to feel at home and  relaxed.  I always provide a complete consultation so you feel that your goals are understood, and you will leave feeling confident in a look that will cater to  your individual needs.  I look forward to seeing you soon!



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